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Understanding Your Business – Satisfying Your IT Requirements

Alchemy Systems is an IT solutions company providing a single source for IT business solutions spanning the breadth of an organisation’s computing and communications requirements.

Alchemy has been providing, installing and supporting IT solutions for the last 15 years to organisations of all sizes with products from many of the world’s leading vendors. In addition Alchemy have developed our own range of unique Hosted Cloud services over the past 6 years to support the needs of our customers.

Alchemy recognises that IT creates headaches and issues for many companies. Often they cannot afford to employ people or enough people with the appropriate technical skills, so employees end up spending unacceptable amounts of time in trying to get things working, rather than concentrating on what is best for the business.

Everything that Alchemy provides is about optimising your IT business solutions and minimising your headaches at the lowest possible cost.

Our goals are to provide:

  1. Hosted Cloud Computing – Find out why thousands of businesses of all sizes have benefited from Cloud Computing with a range of cost effective Alchemy owned hosted services that can resolve many of your IT problems and provide you with all the performance and advantages usually only available to big businesses. The Hosted Solutions include:
    • “Hosted Desktop in the Cloud” with Windows Hosted Desktop™ – Save up to 50% with hosted and managed hosted desktops
    • “Exchange in the Cloud” with Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Cost effective Enterprise Class Email with Shell-IX anti-spam and antivirus protection and with iPhone and Windows Mobile Enterprise Server
    • “Email Filter in the Cloud” with Shell-IX Email Message Security Service – hassle-free email spam and virus protection service
    • “Backup in the Cloud” with VStore4 Online Data Backup – your data protection service
  2. Comprehensive Virtualisation Solutions and products
  3. A seamless range of Alchemy Care IT Support Solutions that maximises the productivity of your existing and new IT investments.
  4. Alchemy Internet providing solutions to develop your presence on the web.
  5. Best-in-class hardware, software, networking, collaboration and security Products and Services that deliver high performance and integrated platforms.
Contact us to discover how Alchemy can help your business.

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