Microsoft Office 2016 – Reimagining the Office Experience

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Productivity isn’t just a buzzword one carelessly uses around to describe new products, for people at Microsoft, Productivity is the priority. Office 2016 is designed to answer the user’s most pressing question, “how can I be more productive with the new Office?”

New features to individual apps and some welcome improvements to the familiar ones including new management and security options are just some of the things to get everyone excited.

Microsoft calls this newest iteration as the most colourful with Office 2016 giving you a choice of five Office Themes. Office 2013 had only three themes (Light Grey, Dark Grey and All White) in all of its programs. To give the customers more options to customizability, Office 2016 has the following colour options: Colourful (default), White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey.

The default theme is set to “Colourful” and each Office 2016 program is shown in different colours. The White theme and Light Grey theme in 2013 remains unchanged in the new Office but the previous Dark Grey is renamed Medium Grey as it was not that dark. The new Dark Grey theme lives up to its description, providing a dark user interface to all Office 2016 programs.

Those of you who have difficulty locating commands will be pleased with the new “Tell Me” Search Assistant. Present in the ribbon of Office 2016 programs (to date: Word, PowerPoint and Excel only) is a search box that contains a “Tell me what you want to do…” text inside. By clicking inside the search box and typing a question or query, a list of helpful tools and commands will appear for you to choose from.

Another new feature specifically made available for this version of Office is the option to customize and change Automatic Update Settings. In the Office Updates section of your Account page, you can click and change the updates installation behaviour from “disable automatic updates”, “view updates history”, or “check for new updates”.

WORD 2016

Microsoft is introducing a desktop-version and a touch-optimized version for Word 2016. The desktop variant features real time co-authoring which includes track changes, comments and co-editing. Insights is another feature powered by Bing which looks up websites, important information and news for selected words. Meanwhile, the touch-optimized version is presently only available for Windows 10. The interface is ideal for touch screen devices with the basic word processing features taking centre stage – a clean and simple version.

EXCEL 2016

Like Word 2016, Excel has two versions; and like Word 2016, the touch-optimized version showcases only the most used features making it compact and lightweight. The desktop version, on the other hand, is feature rich with new capabilities such as data loss prevention as well as major improvements in Power Query (now a built-in excel feature), data model Pivot Tables (which now use Velocity engine) and relationships between tables (a tool that automatically builds the relationship between tables and data).


Most noteworthy of PowerPoint 2016 is the addition of the “Tell Me” search assistant. And like the first two applications it has two versions: desktop and touch.


The best feature out of Outlook 2016 is the new list of recent files that appears when you click to add an attachment. The touch-optimized version has a more responsive design that fits well with Outlook for smaller screens. Users of smaller tablets also have the option to choose how much of their inbox they would like to save to their devices (the default is one month worth of e-mails).

Productivity with Office 2016

Microsoft continues its theme of ubiquity making Office 2016 available for all imaginable devices. It supplies the newest need of users – accessibility: working on a document anytime, anywhere and on any device. And by revamping user interface and giving full attention to details it has quite simply reimagined the Office experience.

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