Alchemy Top Tips of August – Office 365 New features

August 25th, 2016 - Posted in News

Office 365 with Alchemy SystemsPlanner

Office 365 Groups get a new component called Planner, this is a simple project planning tool. This is currently rolling out so you might not see it in your Apps Menu yet (see First Release below). This will show Plans for existing groups and also allows you to create new groups




See the Planner Demo Video.




Office 365 Video / Streamasd


Office 365 Video is currently like an internal YouTube where you can upload training videos etc. It will shortly be evolving to become “Stream” which will integrate more with SharePoint and crucially allow external users to view the videos if you wish.






Office Mix

This is an add-on for PowerPoint which lets you create and upload a video of your presentation along with narration, annotations and interactive elements like quizzes.



Is a hybrid between a website builder and PowerPoint allowing you to make present information in a more interactive way then PowerPoint


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