Delivering the Appropriate Products

Alchemy has built a reputation for delivering appropriate solutions from world-leading vendors, designed and implemented by a highly professional team.

Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices

The key to successful desktop deployments is the ability to match your needs with the appropriate desktop product, be they physical or virtual. Alchemy has been providing laptops, desktops and mobile devices for the last 12 years to organisations of all sizes and we have access to the many of the world’s leading vendors including HP, IBM and Lenovo together with a full range of accessories and peripherals including monitors, and printers.

Thin Clients

Alchemy’s goal is to provide you with thin clients that,  with server-based virtual PCs using VMware, Citrix or Microsoft, allow you to access all of your applications and data on the network, from anywhere in your organization,. To meet this goal Alchemy sources products from Igel GmbH. Igel have the broadest thin client portfolio in the world offering the richest set of protocols and applications all with bullet-proof security and easy, powerful remote management.


It is more important than ever that infrastructures are responsive to the changing needs of businesses. Alchemy offer comprehensive, in-depth assistance and advice on infrastructure design and administration, focusing on four key aspects: performance, efficiency, agility and manageability. This simple yet effective approach gets the results you are looking for and adds significant value to your business.

Server solutions

Focussing on our close relationships with HP, IBM and Lenovo, Alchemy is able to provide a range of enterprise class, workgroup and applications servers. Servers can be configured to your precise requirements with pre-loaded software, rack enclosures, UPS, back-up and data retrieval systems. 


The requirements to store data are growing massively but IT budgets are not growing at anywhere near the same pace. Many organisations are finding they need to consolidate their storage to improve efficiencies within budget as well as have the ability to simplify backups, increase security and improve systems availability.

Alchemy has the expertise to find the solution which matches your storage needs whether it is a simple backup device or extra hard disk, to a fully consolidated SAN/NAS solution with disaster recovery through offsite replication. Storage solutions include NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network and tape backup technologies.

Networking and Security

Alchemy supply a complete range of Routers, Hubs, Switches, Access Products, security products and network management products.

Although Alchemy can supply fixed and wireless networking solutions from many suppliers, we are a Cisco Premier Partner.  Cisco is the world leader in networking for the Internet and Alchemy has Cisco experts accredited at CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate) and CSE (Cisco Sales Expert) levels.

To protect your network from intruders, Alchemy supply a range of security products (including anti-virus, firewall and VPN services) from world-renowned security specialists such as F-Secure, Cisco, Checkpoint, Watchguard and SonicWall.

Furthermore Alchemy and its partners are able to provide all the security services you need, from audits and reviews to systems vulnerability testing and intrusion detection.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications can help you to communicate more rapidly and easily with your colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers. Alchemy can design a Unified Communications solution to enhance business productivity, improve customer service and lower operational costs.

Alchemy supply products that include:

  • Voice over IP telephone Systems
  • Instant messaging
  • Video and web conferencing
  • Email clients and collaboration services via mobile devices.
  • Fully managed voice and data service
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