5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your “Web Designer”

July 8th, 2016 - Posted in News

If your website is making all the profits you need then delete this email, go have a cup of tea or something stronger – and congratulate yourself


But if your one of the 99% of the business owners I speak to who are frustrated with their website, or more likely downright fed up at being let down by web people promising you the earth, with your site not making profits you deserve – your desire to read the rest of this email my turn out to be the most important you’ve ever made as a business owner.


Here are 5 BIG secrets to running a profitable website:


Mistake #1

Pictures, Graphics at the top of the home page, this will lose up to 80% of your customers.

Believe it or not, but you have a whopping 8 seconds to wine and dine your visitor when they arrive, otherwise they will be searching your competitors and their fancy website with credit card in hand.


50% of people quit the typical website within 8 seconds


Worse still, most visitors will leave before even scrolling down the page, so why waste their time with a picture or rotating image!


At Alchemy, I recommend a compelling headline or better still a compelling video like this:
Screenshot Alchemy Internet


Mistake #2

Trying to Get on the FREE Listings on Google in less than a month or two.


Anyone who can promise you anything like that is either lying or doing something that is blackhat (against Googles rules) and always ends up with removal of the website within 3 months by Google.


Unfortunately, you cannot force natural SEO, yes I can improve it and make it last but not force.


If SEO is something you’re considering, I suggest paid Adwords with one of our team.



Mistake #3


Lack of Video & Social Media

It is very simple:


If a potential customer arrives at your website and its silent – it’s like going to the silent movies, it’s out of DATE. Video is everywhere and even video blogging is taking over blogging.


Alchemy have tested over 20 different types of online video to find out which works best.


Short videos (2-3 minutes long) work best when clear (not bad quality) with a call to action at the end. For example a tester video we are using now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JzKTM2hT1A


Call to action being:


This not only calls an action on a new potential customer but increases the chances of them staying for longer than 8 seconds… Which Google Loves!


Getting a good online video strategy for your website is important and urgent.


Mistake #4


This is one of the WORST and most common mistakes I’m seeing…


A Non ‘Mobile Friendly’ Website

To keep things understandable within 2016, your website MUST be ‘mobile friendly’ unless you want to reduce your traffic by 74%.


74% of potential customers review before they buy anything online. But that’s not what you need to worry about.
fsecure3I am always getting questions through AlchemyInternet.net about SEO.


Google’s latest update states that “they will delete non mobile friendly website from their search engines” due to them being out of date or old fashioned.


You simply must have a mobile compatible website.


Mistake #5


Giving the responsibility of your Online Marketing and Financial Future to a Web Developer.


People think web designers/developers are all that is needed to success within a website. BUT what they forget is that they are ‘DESIGNERS’ for a reason. They make excellent websites that look modern, slick and stylish.


However, there’s no link between website that look nice – and websites that make money.


You need a team like the Alchemy Group who not only design, but build a plan to success with selling online. A team that will help with video marketing and social marketing to get your brand new business and customers.


Contact the Alchemy team on 01784223100 or [email protected] for a chance to win 5 FREE professional business security antivirus licences and to talk about your website goals.