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No matter what size your business is, Outsourced IT Support is crucial for every industry

Since 1998, Alchemy have been providing Small Business IT Support around London, Surrey and all over the UK. It does not matter whether you work from home, remote or in serviced offices, having a proffessional team of technicians available on the phone keeps small businesses alive.

Outsourced IT Support

Having an IT manager in the office generally costs more, reliant on one or two people and not available every day of the year. Our outsourced IT support is available 8am -6pm Monday to Friday

Remote IT Support

Considerably reduced the risk of any system downtime, potentially saving you the costs of lost customers, lost business or lost market credibility. Remote IT Support is instantly communicated with our team of IT technicians

Business IT Support

Knowing that a Small Business IT Support Package is considerably less expensive than the overheads of an in-house IT department.  You can also be assured that the service will be operational throughout the full year. 

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Computer Support

When your computers are in need of IT Support, we work directly with you to resolve the issue, without looking into the need for new equipment, unless absolutely necessary. Computer support issues are fixed 98% of the time remotely or over the phone.

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Managed IT Support

That if IT problems do occur, Alchemy’s support expertise, technology and escalation procedures will be activated to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Unlike an IT manager, our team will work together to find the best resolve quickly. The whole process is managed from start to finish by us.

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Increased security

Waste no time checking backups, security updates and computer solving. We will monitor your business computers and ensure that safety is top priority. Outsourcing your IT removes the headache, allowing you to focus on the business. 

Small Business IT Support London


We have been providing Business IT Support Services in London, Middlesex, Berkshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire since 1998.

Your business processes and the services you provide to your customers are probably dependent on the reliability and availability of your own IT systems.

Not only is it expensive to fix system failures, but the loss of sales and orders can be crucial to a business. System downtime can impact many areas.  It can impact timelines, efficiency, customer service, cash flow and ultimately jobs.  What’s never in doubt is that system failures cost money – in most cases significant sums of money!

Alchemy understands the impact that system downtime can have on your business operations.  In supporting your IT we believe that prevention is always better than cure, therefore rather than hoping that your systems will never fail, we look to substantially reduce the risk through daily preventative maintenance and professional IT system housekeeping.

Computer Support London

With most small businesses using computers for daily tasks, when they break it can cause the business money. Our London based IT Support Service includes telephone and remote Outsourced IT support. We also come to site. Generally we fix 98% of computer problems in London remotely, with a 2% onsite visit.


With many new businesses in London opening up to the idea of Outsourced IT Support, the need for reliable, fast paced and practicle remote engineer work is crucial. 

At Alchemy, we are proud of a 4 hour response time and 4 hour fix*

No matter if your a home, small, medium or large business, we will always be available to assist with your computers, servers, backups and security.

After your initial Network Audit and Healthcheck, Alchemy will do daily preventative maintenance, diagnose and prevent IT issues before they happen. This includes system back-ups, anti-virus updates, system event logs, and hard disc usage.

Our large IT Support team based in Surrey near London are on the phone from 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. Our technicians fix 85% of issues over the phone remotely. – Extended hours are optionally available including onsite engineer call outs.

Alchemy uses clever software to be able to gain control of your computer screen from anywhere in the world. Whilst on the phone to one of our technicians, we can remotely fix and configure many major problems. We have a guaranteed 4 hour response on every support ticket raised and will mix most issues within an hour.

We value your time and commitment. We strive to better bespoke our support everyday and increase our fix time with every client. Our quarterly review of support incidents covers, service performance compared to SLA;’s, and escalation procedures. It’s the best way for us to ensure our service is working at 110%.

Our top 3 IT Support packages services

Our IT infrastructure is fundamental to the efficiency and competitiveness of your organisation.

Alchemy’s full range of value-added IT services can help you get the best return on your investment and maximise the performance of your IT environment.

Bronze IT Support Package

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Per month

Silver IT Support Package

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Per month

Gold IT Support Package

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Per month

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Computer Monitoring

Our Outsourced IT Support Services include daily monitoring through security software installed on your machine. It allows us to reduce Crypto attacks and malware being installed onto user computers.

Local Technicians

Since 1998 we have been providing local server support and computer support to businesses all over the South of England. All of our technicians are located in the UK and not outsourced to other countries like most other IT support companies.

Laptop, Tablet and Server Support

Through a range of technologies, we are extremely experienced with all types of IT equipment including Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Servers, Thin Clients and Phone Systems.

Our IT Support HQ

Just 30 minutes from London. Although we have large presence in the South West of England. We provide IT support services to businesses all over the United Kingdom.

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Our Address

Alchemy House, Band Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW209LN