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Alchemy Care IT Support Solutions

Success in business demands a high-performance IT infrastructure that drives daily operations and business innovation initiatives.

Without your IT, just how long will your business run?

Your business processes and the services you provide to your customers are probably dependent on the reliability and availability of your own IT systems.

Not only is it expensive to fix system failures, but the loss of sales and orders can be crucial to a business.   System downtime can impact many areas.  It can impact timelines, efficiency, customer service, cash flow and ultimately jobs.  What’s never in doubt is that system failures cost money – in most cases significant sums of money!

Alchemy understands the impact that system downtime can have on your business operations.  In supporting your IT we believe that prevention is always better than cure, therefore rather than hoping that your systems will never fail, we look to substantially reduce the risk through daily preventative maintenance and professional system housekeeping.

Alchemy Care IT Support Service is very simple – we give our customers Peace-of-Mind, in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands.


Peace-of-mind – that your critical business functions are underpinned by a professionally managed IT infrastructure.

Satisfaction – that you have considerably reduced the risk of any system downtime, potentially saving you the costs of lost customers, lost business or lost market credibility.

Cost savings – knowing that an Alchemy Support Contract is considerably less expensive than the overheads of an in-house IT department.  You can also be assured that the service will be operational throughout the full year (without any breaks for holidays, training or sickness).

Time savings – you do not have to allocate valuable management time to administrating your IT, allowing you to do what you do best – running your business!

Assurance – that if IT problems do occur, Alchemy’s support expertise, technology and escalation procedures will be activated to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Increased security – knowing that your system back-up processes are working and that your anti-virus and firewall systems are protecting you.

Confidence – that your IT network and systems will continue to be updated, reflecting changes in your business as they occur.

From our Support Centre in Egham, Alchemy will access your server using specialist software over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).  This allows us to check your disc utilisation and backup processes, check network performance, undertake system housekeeping, install new software, change settings, diagnose and fix any problems.

For a fixed monthly fee Alchemy will effectively become your Outsourced IT Department delivering preventative maintenance, system housekeeping, telephone support, remote diagnosis and on-site support to agreed and guaranteed service levels.

Having an Alchemy Support Contract allows you to concentrate your time, your energies and your resources on what you do best – growing your business.

Alchemy Support Contracts – service highlights include:
  • Network audit and healthcheck
  • FREE software installed on your server, allowing secure remote access for preventative maintenance, housekeeping and diagnostics
  • DAILY preventative maintenance sessions.
  • Monitoring of system performance and checking of system back-ups, anti-virus updates, system event logs and hard disc usage.
  • WEEKLY on-site visits. Checking network settings, incorporating new software fixes, adding & deleting users / peripherals, configuring desktop PCs for new users or installing new hardware and system upgrades.
  • QUARTERLY review of support incidents (from call logs), service performance compared to SLAs, escalation procedures etc.
  • UNLIMITED telephone support between 0900 and 1700.
  • REMOTE diagnostic interrogation of your server to identify system problems and apply fixes.
  • ON-SITE engineer call-out with option to upgrade to Crisis Call-Out (same day service) at discounted rate.
  • FIXED monthly fees, payable by standing order.
  • DISCOUNTS on Alchemy’s professional services (network design, project management, installation services etc.)
Contact us to find out how Alchemy can support your IT Infrastructure.

Call us on 01784 223 100 or email us – [email protected]