Hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

BES Express in the Cloud

Connect your BlackBerry with Alchemy’s Blackberry Enterprise Server Express to provide you and your mobile workforce a seamlessly integrated, wireless extension of their email accounts.

Alchemy offers the BlackBerry wireless solution as an enhancement to our Hosted Microsoft Exchange, giving mobile employees the capabilities to access calendars, receive meeting requests and reminders, task reminders, and other messages generated by Exchange’s groupware functions, as well as building a single mailbox for all messages, both wireless and land line.

To take advantage of this service , you must host your email with us and use our Hosted Microsoft Exchange in conjunction with the BES Express Server for which we charge a monthly hosting fee independent of the number of users.

Significant monthly cost savings  compared to Blackberry Enterprise Server, can be realised for two or more users.

Users will have to subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), which is also called the ‘BES Express tariff’.

Alchemy can optionally provide the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

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