Shell-IX Spam and Virus Protection

Leading the Fight against Spam

Email Filter in the Cloud

Typically over 60% of email is SPAM so effective SPAM filtering increases user productivity and reduces the burden on your IT infrastructure.

Free your IT administrators’ time with a hosted and fault tolerant solution that provides unbeatable protection against spam and malware.

From as little as £2.00 per user per month, Shell-IX Messaging Security Service delivers the industry’s most effective security for messaging infrastructures using F-Secure’s award winning Messaging Security Gateway. It is an accurate antispam solution with capabilities for email firewall, antivirus, and secure messaging. Depending on traffic type Shell-IX can remove as much as 99.5% of spam.

Key features

  • All filtering happens at the Alchemy Data Centre so potentially reducing your email internet traffic by over 60%.
  • Secures your network against spam, phishing, viruses, virus outbreaks, denial-of-service attacks, directory harvest attacks right at the gateway.
  • Machine learning technology provides highly effective spam protection and outstanding end-user quarantines, safe lists and block lists.
  • Outstanding virus protection with automatic updates of virus signatures and rules.
  • High- performance and scalable solution proven in the most demanding email infrastructures.
  • Support for multiple domains, mailing lists and distribution groups.
  • Redundant Hosted Platform provides levels of service and resilience only normally available to the largest organisations.

The following data was provided by the Shell-IX report generator:

SPAM data for week beginning 2 August 2010

66.2% of all emails were SPAM and were blocked by Shell-IX!

Over 11,000 viruses were detected and removed over the past 7 days!

Why a Hosted Service?

There are many reasons why more and more businesses across the UK are moving over from a traditional network to a Hosted Solution. By implementing a Hosted Shell-IX Spam and Virus Protection Service, businesses can gain significant benefits:

Reduce Total IT Costs by up to 50%
Businesses are looking to reduce overheads and IT costs can be significant. Alchemy can help you to reduce these costs by up to 50%. All costs become a predictable, monthly operational expense, based on a cost per user per month.

Eliminate Infrastructure Capital Costs
Alchemy provides the IT Infrastructure.

Reduce IT Headaches
All IT infrastructures can create significant problems. Alchemy removes these and we support, patch, manage, backup and look after all components of your hosted solution for you, all from the cloud data centre.

Help Overstretched IT Teams
IT managers are being asked to do more with less. Alchemy, by managing all or part of your IT infrastructure, lets you focus on your
core business critical projects.

High Availability
Alchemy provides a resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure.

Enterprise class IT Infrastructure

Most companies cannot afford enterprise level infrastructure. Alchemy is able to deliver their secure infrastructure in a cost effective manner as the infrastructure costs are shared by many hundreds of users.

Excellent Support
Our excellent online services help desk
is fully inclusive for your hosted service, at no extra charge.

For more information view our data sheet.

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