VStore4 Hosted Data Backup

Your data protection service

All companies have requirements when it comes to protecting their data. It’s not just the information contained in the main data centre which is at constant risk, but also the information from branch offices and remote workers.

As an IT Solutions company, Alchemy are often asked “what is the best backup solution?” The answer has changed over the years and depends a lot on your situation. We recognize that every business has different IT requirements, whether in architecture or budget. Please click here for an article on Data Backup Options for SME’s which provides the compelling reasons to select VStore4.

VStore4 is a fully automated, encrypted online and on-site/online data backup and recovery service.

VStore4, an Alachemy Managed Hosted Service, is your cost effective data protection service, available for your business anywhere in the world. No need to provision server hardware, storage and other services in your data centre.  Simply use the VStore4 virtual backup service as an affordable pay-as-you-go model.

VStore4 is powerful enough to handle all the needs of the smallest and largest enterprises and offers you a host of deployment options to fit every backup scenario.


  • Direct Remote Data Backup

Client machines are directly backed up over the Internet to a remote VStore4 Backup Server Cluster in the Alchemy Data Centre with the backup data replicated to a VStore4 Replication Server ensuring that your data is safely stored, encrypted and compressed in two centralised storage systems.






  • Backup Data “on-site” and Replicated

VStore4 can be deployed as a local on-site backup server with client machines backing up to a locally deployed (on-site) VStore4 Backup Server. The backup data can be replicated securely to a VStore4 Replication Server in Alchemy’s Data Centre. A local backup server offers the ability to restore quickly from a local server and the flexibility to schedule frequent backups to the local backup server and a relatively in‐frequent replication of backup data to the remote replication server.




Key Features:

Ideal for Server & Desktop Backups by supporting all of today’s most popular business platforms:

  • Supports Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and many more operating systems
  • Image Backup and Bare Metal Restore of Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Backup all versions of MS Exchange, MSSQL, MySQL backups efficiently
  • Backup to the mailbox level in MS Exchange.
  • Backup Active Directory and System State
  • Backup MS Sharepoint
  • Backups to External Drives 

Conserve bandwidth with Intelli-Delta Technology for Incremental Backups

IntelliDelta is a powerful and proven technology that performs backups for only the incremental changes in files. Instead of handling incremental changes in the block level (e.g. 4KB blocks), VStore4 decides on individually optimal block sizes for every single file after taking into account the original file size. This ensures that for each file, changes are examined at an “optimized byte level’.

Security and Encryption for your data

VStore4 comes with a robust security management features which includes the facility to encrypt and send backups to the VStore4 backup server. VStore4 supports up to 448-bit military level encryption with the industry standard Blowfish and Triple DES encryption algorithms to secure your business data. These secure encryption techniques has never been broken before. In addition, VStore4 client and server installations communicate using a TCP/IP based secure connection which reduces the risk of your valuable data being stolen.

Finding and Restoring your data

VStore4 allows you to find the files and restore you need, regardless of where they’re located, across multiple locations. Since you can automate the entire process with point-and-click simplicity, you can do what needs to be done with a minimum of staffing, releasing your people for more important things.


  • Incredibly cost effective
  • Optimal block level de-duplication and compression 
  • Incremental backups with delta blocking
  • Fast restores
  • Handles open, locked and in-use files
  • Tiered web administration
  • Server and client N + 1 resilience and load sharing
  • Replication to multiple locations
  • Comprehensive archiving support
  • Multiple file snapshots and moment-in-time backup
  • Content addressable storage for performance and efficiency


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