Why is ALCHEMY’s Cloud Service So Different?

ALCHEMY Cloud Services

What others offer

The  platform is designed, owned and supported by ALCHEMY Rebranded wholesale hosted platforms with no direct control
Alchemy implements your own dedicated infrastructure  within the Cloud Shared infrastructure with many other customers which can result in security breaches
Solutions that are totally flexible to meet your exact needs Prescribed solutions that may not do what you want both now and in the future.
Total end-to-end managed UK based support from ALCHEMY Basic reactive telephone support for limited elements of your infrastructure
Ability to host  non-Microsoft applications and  the integration of third party applications Packaged Microsoft applications that are restricted and will not integrate into third party applications
A Cloud Service that offers genuine scalability and flexibility without limits: you rent what you use and do not need to own hardware or software You are asked to lease the hardware and software, limiting you to the original leased hardware and preventing scalability
Managed on demand online storage and backup Uncontrolled and unknown state of your most critical asset, your data
Managed connectivity to EVERY mobile device platform Moderate support for only a few platforms without true collaboration
Dynamic user and feature additions at a moments notice Lengthy service and user request upgrades
Safe and controlled email virus and spam filtering for every user No management or features for each user and mailbox