Start with the resource-light Base Software Agent, giving you a selection of security services, device management features, and PAYG access to file/network share, Backup to cloud/local storage, DR & File Sync services.

Add-on Advanced Email Security for:
anti-phishing/spam/malware/ APT/zero day exploit protection, URL/attachment scanning, threat intelligence & incident response services.

Add on Advanced Backup for:
1-click recovery, continuous data protection, SQL/Exchange clusters, Oracle/MySQL/Maria DB & off-host processing.

Add Advanced Management for:
exception-based device monitoring, patching/cyber scripting services, software audit/deployment, HDD/component health logging.

Add Advanced Security + EDR for:
device-based URL filtering, safe browsing, exploit prevention, security incident detection/remediation/response, with real-time 0-day malware protection.

Add Advanced Disaster Recovery to build on the base services, adding:
Production & test failovers, runbooks, cyber-protected DR, multiple templates, cloud & site-to-site VPNs