With IT playing an increasing importance in business it is essential that all touch-points are thoroughly considered prior to investing in core infrastructure or ancillary services. Our IT consultants can advise, then design and deliver best of breed end-to-end infrastructure solutions, or maximise your existing, via solutions covering:


Build, supply and support hosted and onsite servers

Operating Systems

All types of Operating Systems including Mac, all Windows versions and IOS/Android.

Network & Wireless

Wireless routers, internet and everything connected.

WANs & Internet Connectivity

Not only do we supply internet lines, we also backup, test and improve existing lines.

VOIP Phone Systems

Reduce phone bills and increase functionality by using internet phone systems.

Vulnerability Testing

Testing, configuring and ensuring disaster recovery is running.

Onsite & Hosted Storage

Private or Hybrid secure storage that everyone can access to make life easier.

Remote & Onsite Backup

Peace of mind with data backups when you want onsite, public/private cloud, or all three.

Thin Client Computing 

Being an IGEL partner, we can supply hosted desktops using thin clients.


Build, supply and support hosted and onsite servers.

Business Collaboration

Everything from online collaboration to internal business messaging.


Physical and virtual databases, backups and software.