Without your IT, just how long will your business run ?

Alchemy has been providing IT Support Nationwide since 1998. It’s very simple – we give our customers peace-of-mind, allowing their business to focus on what it does best… in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands.

With businesses in the UK and worldwide placing increased focus on maximising their core activities and strength, it makes good business sense to work with a trusted IT consultancy partner that enables this to happen.

Our IT technicians & solutions experts bring years of expertise and experience to your business, and we’re just a phone call away. We can help you resolve existing issues and deliver your business performance benefits through effective use of IT investments.

Because of our extensive expertise, we will use this to advise and develop your approach to technology use and purchasing strategy going forwards – ensuring you always have what you need, and within budget. The world changes quickly, and it’s important to invest in a company that plans for the future !

We’ll keep your users and your business running.

More About Us

Computer Security Monitoring

Our IT Support Service packages will include options for daily monitoring via security software installed on your machine. This allows us to reduce possibilities for Crypto attacks and malware being installed onto your business or personal computers.

Laptop, Tablet and Server Support

Through a wide-range of technology use internally, we are extremely experienced with all types of IT equipment including PCs/laptops, tablets, mobile phones, servers, thin clients and phone Systems.

UK Based IT Telephone Support

Since 1998 we have been providing local server and computer support to businesses all over the South of England, the Midlands, and beyond. All of our technicians are physically located in the UK, and not outsourced to other countries, like most other IT Support companies.