Microsoft 365 Updates – pricing
Summary: no change for the UK this time.


As I’m sure you’re aware, Microsoft have publicly committed themselves to a twice-yearly review of their global 365 cloud pricing, with the last (first) one resulting in a 9% price-rise for us in the UK. This is only applicable upon contract expiry mind, so won’t have fully filtered through to around 50% of the installed base on the yearly contract model as of yet.

Microsoft have now announced their 2nd ‘harmonisation’ to take effect from 1st September 2023. This one looks like it is NOT going to affect us over here in the UK – rather only Australia, New Zealand & Canada specifically – with rises between 6 & 9% on their Cloud offerings.

Interestingly though, Switzerland has been hit with a DECREASE of 9%. This bodes well for the future, as no one was really expecting the ‘harmonisation’ to ever move BOTH ways, despite the intention originally being described as that. Kudos to Microsoft for that one !

The next scheduled change will be February 2024, which we will have advance notice of, if the pattern follows.


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